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Dr Umran Ali
"ZC Consulting, since inception has focused on innovative and transformative Education,Training and Mentoring"


Our Ethos

  • PERFORMANCE: The execution or accomplishment of work; “carrying out of a promise, duty, etc”

  • POTENTIAL: We believe everyone has within them the resources to be or do anything that they desire, even though they may not be conscious of those resources.

  • INTERFERENCE:  Our role is to help them access those internal resources and to eliminate the limiting beliefs that subconsciously are often what is stopping them from becoming the best they can be.

Our Values

  •  INTEGRITY AND TRUST:  We are credible and dependable. People choose to deal with us because they trust us. We are authentic and engage openly and honestly with everyone.

  • CARE AND RESPECT We respect and care for others – our clients, our families, our community, our environment and ourselves. We are responsive and help people we deal with to be the best they can be.


  • CREATIVITY: We are innovative and do not accept the status quo – we bring a fresh approach to engagements and continually look for new possibilities. We value ideas and learning, and share information willingly. 

  • NETWORKING: We create a sense of genuine partnership with everyone we work with. We work transparently with others to achieve things we cannot do alone.

Our Commitment 

We will help you confront the ways in which you undermine or sell yourself short. We will help you locate enhanced levels of self-confidence and self-belief, find your true personal power, and facilitate your journey towards a future you are passionate about.

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